Here are the answers to a few questions often asked by our customers. If you have a question, tweet us @four_four_tee.

Is each badge printed or embroidered?

Each badge is embroidered, which means it's stitched on to the t-shirt and won't fade when you put it through the wash.

What's the fit like on the t-shirts?

Our t-shirts fit like your average tee. They're made from a premium cotton, of which 30% is organic.

How long does each t-shirt take to arrive?

With the pandemic almost out the way, t-shirts usually arrive within 2 weeks. 

Do you do iconic moments from other sports?

Right now we're focusing on football, but in the near future we'll be including iconic moments from rugby, boxing, cricket and a few others.

What's your refund policy?

As each t-shirt is made to order, we can only refund if the product is faulty or missing.